Rice Milling Machine for Sale

Product Introduction

The production line of this rice mill includes an automatic feeder, a washing sieve, a stone separator, an iron roller paddy field hasker, a shell separator, a gravity sieve for separating paddy rice and brown rice, an iron roller crusher, an iron roller grinder, and a rice crusher. It is equipped. Machine, electric control cabinet, this machine can also be equipped with a special brown rice crusher. It is the most ideal paddy processing machine for grain distribution stations, mountainous areas, farms and self-employed people.
Structure: Cleaner-Impurity Removal-Husker-Separator-Rice Mill-Grader-Polisher (optional) -Color Sorter (optional) -Packaging Machine (optional)
Process: Remove stones-Peeled rice-Separate brown rice and paddy fields-Whitening rice-Separate crushed rice

Product Details

1.The equipment has such advantages of Compact structure, easy operation, convenient Maintenance, large production, high rice precision
2.The process of this model is composed of clearing debris, stone removing, husking, paddy separation, grinding and polishing, chaff crushing, broken rice separation, etc.
3. Trusted & guaranteed whole service with professional technical support before and after sales.
4.High separation rate: after the rice processing, no residual is in the gravity sieve and surface is clean and thorough.
5.Unique structure: a compact form factor, small footprint, reasonable design, convenient replacement of wearing parts.
6.The working video and details manual will be available.

Technical Parameters





15T/D Rice Mill



380 V

20T/D Rice Mill



380 V

25T/D Rice Mill



380 V